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Jewish Leiden Kosher Visitor Directory - Jewish student in Leiden

Leiden Kosher Visitor Directory

Are you a Jewish student in Leiden? A tourist?

Want to know where to get Kosher food?

Get all the relevant information here at the Jewish Leiden Kosher Visitor Directory

The city of Leiden currently has no Eiruv

Kashrus Lists

The Netherlands has 2 online Kashrus resources with
products sold in supermarket branches throughout
the country – click NIK Kashrus List or Chabad A’dam
to see the respective websites.

for Nik Kashrus List click here

for Chabad Amsterdam click here

Sight Seeing in Leiden

The Leiden Synagogue is one of the oldest in
the Netherlands – for anything that has to do with
the synagogue one has to contact them
Note: this website in no way represents
the community and shouldn’t be contacted to
reach the community.

Official Website:

Google Maps:,+Leiden/@52.15

De Lakenhal is a museum where the Community
of Leiden stored (in secret) it’s Sifrei Torah during
WWII. They have had publications on WWII and
the Jews in Leiden.

Building of former Jewish Orphan’s Home
(not open to public) which was before WWII
an orphan’s home and had afterwards
(for a small period) a Yeshiva.

WWII Luggage Monuments
Scattered around the city there 
are monuments of the Holocaust:

Now besides that there is a Egypt Museum which claims
to have the remainders of Pharoa himself (according to some
Historians, not in pyjama’s in the middle of the night but a big 
smaller than one would expect).

Around Molen De Valk is where the Old Jewish Cemetery was –
last stones we’re still there not long ago (might still be some).
It’s a museum and landmark in general.,4.4

De Burcht (fortification in Dutch, open location – no entrance fee),4.4

Hortus Botanicus – Botanical Gardens

Feel free to E-mail for
any additional information

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