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Jewish Leiden Talmudic Academy Leiden

The Talmudic Academy is the first
E-Yeshiva servicing Jewish Leiden,
the Netherlands & Beyond

Under the auspices of Rabbi Y.M. Bechhofer Shlit”a

Jewish Leiden Talmudic Academy Leiden

What is Talmudic Academy Leiden?
The Talmudic Academy is an initiative to strengthen Jewish identity by studying Torah & Leiden’s Jewish History.
We provide a weekly Torah lesson and private learning sessions for Expats in Jewish Leiden & Dutch-and English

speaking Jews from around the globe.

Looking for Jewish Studies?
No need to look any further!

“There is no free man but the one that occupies himself with the study of Torah.”

Pirkei Avos – Ethics of the Fathers 5:22

Join us for Limud!

Are you ready to join an online Torah lesson once a week?

Would you want a one-on-one session of in-depth-learning ?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for
more information and start learning Torah today!

Feel free to E-mail for
any additional information

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