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Jewish Studies Leiden –
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Online Joodse Studies - Talmudic Academy Leiden - Multimedia Torah Studies

Under the auspices of Rabbi Y.M. Bechhofer Shlit”a

Want solid online Jewish Studies?
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Looking to know more about Jewish subject
or just want to hear some great Jewish Music?

And do you know the location of
Mount Sinai according to Saadia Gaon?

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Chavrusah with the Rosh Yeshiva – Sanhedrin 76B part 1
Maharal Ner Mitzvah part 5

Rabbi Bechhofer

Rabbi Bechhofer on Chanukah

See EvenShesiya for more Torah
of Rabbi Bechhofer Shlit”a

Jewish Geography

The Real Mount Sinai – Ryan Mauro. In this movie Ryan Mauro brings proofs that Mt. Sinai is really located in today’s Saudi Arabia (and not in Egypt) as is stated by Saadia Gaon.

The Best of Jewish Music

Ishay Ribo & MBD – Ata Zocher
Akiva – Rak Od Rega
Akiva | Rotze Lehitorer
Omane Israel – Poteach Et Yadecha (Feat. Ishay Ribo, Moshe Peretz & Akiva)
Simcha Leiner – Nafshi (Acapella)
Yonatan Razel – Mehager I Acapella I
Youval Taieb – Halev
Youval Taieb – Ben Adam

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